Table Reservation Feature



Managing a restaurant is not easy these days as you need to be very good at every department, as the competition is getting tough and restaurant operations are getting harder day by day as there is lot of things to do to streamline the process. But choosing a proper system can help and minimize your workload.

Let’s take a real scenario, if any customer calls to your restaurant & wants to reserve a table for future date in advance then no need to maintain data manually now, as Cozy POS has introduced Table Reservation feature to solve your problem, confusion and streamline the process.


How Cozy POS Reservation module functions ? 

Suppose customer calls to the restaurant for booking a table then the order taker first checks whether that customer is an existing customer or a new customer,if he is a new customer then there is an option to capture customer details in the system to maintain your customer database up-to-date.

Then system will suggest order taker to take an information from the customer, like booking date & time and guests size which will  be recorded in the system for the table booking then system shows the tables available in a section of customer choice for that particular day & time with specified table capacity,so that it will be easier for order taker to book a table.

It also gives an option to mention any remarks for the table booking,which helps in a scenario if there is a birthday party,function,ceremony etc and customer has done any special request to arrange cake, candles,ballons etc for the party celebration then these notes can be added and special request can be processed without any chances of forgetting or missing anything or keeping any manual notes.On the other hand, customer gets SMS notification as confirmation for his table booking.

Cozy POS also gives an option to take future menu order at the table booking time,so you can decide menu at the time of table booking and order for it.Later on that particular booking date,kitchen token will automatically go into the kitchen before reservation time ,and system gives flexibility to change  the configuration like how much time before kitchen token should be printed in the kitchen before booked time.

So, in this way your complete manual process will be replaced with the automated reservation system to get hassle free experience.

Do Cozy POS have an option to handle real-time reservation for walk-in customers ?

Yes,Cozy POS has that option as well to handle your real time table reservation for walk-in customers.Usually what happens during peak hours or weekends,restaurants all tables gets fully occupied and no table remains vacant for later walk-ins.

Then customers will seat outside the restaurant in queue and follow-up with restaurant staff for vacant table,but here Cozy POS helps you to handle these real-time reservation and restaurant management will have an option to reserve table & send SMS notification upon table is ready for next customer to seat.